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Amendment to the Consumer Defense Code

The Consumer Defense Commission of Congress on September 17 unanimously approved an opinion that obliges companies to terminate service agreements with their clients within a maximum period of 48 hours. The amendment to the Consumer Defense Code establishes that consumer requests to terminate contracts will force them to terminate the service.

The author of the bill is Congressman Juan Carlos Gonzales Ardiles, of Fuerza Popular. During his presentation at the commission, he said that companies facilitate the contracting of services, but force customers seeking to disenroll from a process that extends over time, while billing for the service, which is no longer desired, continues.

After 48 hours, companies will be prohibited from billing and collecting any amount that may have been accrued, because it is not attributable to the consumer.

According to the opinion, the consumer's decision to terminate the contract does not require justification, but must be communicated unequivocally. To do this they must make the request through a means that is certain about the date, such as the telephone, any electronic and other similar means. The decoupling may be made, if the opinion is approved in plenary, without imposing any burdensome or disproportionate sanction to the consumer.


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