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Supreme Decree No. 034-2019-MTC. Irregular acts too obtain driver´s license.

Supreme Decree No. 034-2019-MTC, published in El Peruano, the MTC specifies that as of that date, any applicant who commits irregular acts to obtain a driver's license may be sanctioned with the disqualification and cancellation of the license, for which a Table of Infractions and Sanctions has been established.

Likewise, the MTC establishes, sanctions for the Centers responsible for the evaluation of the applicants, who do not strictly comply with the procedures established by the standard.

In the same way, it is made available to the SUTRAN, new tables of infractions that allow it to apply drastic sanctions against the different acts of corruption that medical centers and schools of drivers could incur.

To optimize the procedure for the electronic issuance of medical certificates, the biometric identification registration will not only be carried out by the director of the medical center and the applicant at the beginning and end of the entire medical evaluation process but will be carried out by the applicant and by the doctor responsible for each evaluation.

This measure will provide greater security to the evaluations carried out in a medical center, since it will allow corroborating the effective presence of health professionals and applicants in each of these.

In addition, medical centers must have security cameras on the outside of each office, in order to verify that applicants comply with the entire evaluation.

Finally, it incorporates the legal retention of the driver's license for those drivers who participate in a traffic accident. This means that, despite the fact that the said driver does not have a physical driver's license, at the time of the police intervention at the scene of the accident, the Peruvian National Police will notify the MTC of this fact requesting legal retention and the ministry will register the retention notation in the sanctions system. In this way, these drivers are prevented from continuing to drive on the tracks, as long as the corresponding sanction is applied.

(Source Semana Economica)

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